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Our Strengths
- Extract, transform, load (ETL)
- Data warehouse and scraping
- Data agreegation and integration
- Comparison of feed aggregators
- Data comparison & auto form filling
- Image downloading & uploading
- Product scraping and uploading
- Screen scraping and data capture
- Extraction from news wire reports
- Table extraction, Comments extraction
- Terminology extraction, Audio extraction
- Extract blog, articles and press release
- Metadata and data warehousing
- Email extraction from linkedin
- Harvest google search listing, googlemap & google adwords
- Report mining, Metadata & contact information extraction
- Extract data, review and rating from yelp website
- Extracting data from files such as HTML, PDF, audio, video word, excel or text
- Automatic annotation and content extraction out of images/audio/video

Our Clients

  • FranchiseBuzz
  • Championsway
  • Alliance Cost Containment
  • In
  • Givkwik
  • RP Data
  • Philosophy Now
  • VON Consulting Group INC
  • Public Affairs Asia
  • OGC
  • Reachlocal
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Upstart Labs
  • WCA
Featured Offerings
Serving quality results is the primary objective of our services. In order to deliver accurate reports we must have to understand exact behavior of projects, data fields, complexity and solutions to overcome. We are skilled in all major areas of data harvesting and data processing.

Scraper / Extractor
- Email us website url, list of data fields you required, format of file (xls, xlsx, mysql) and get estimated cost for yelp extractor, ebay extractor, amazon extractor etc.

Scrape Email Database
- Harvest email list from various web directories, websites & social networking sites and deliver email database of attorneys, lawyers, doctors, dentists, physicians, accountants, HR, IT professionals etc.

Extract Websites
- Get best solutions to extract ebay, amazon and ecommerce websites. We can extract linkedin, facebook, calbar, goldenpages, ebay, amazon, yelp etc.

Extract Data from Google Search Result & Adwords is an international expert services firm headquartered and operations in Ahmadabad, India. Our scraper development & database harvesting professionals have extraordinary knowledge in the areas of tours travels, hospitality, real estate, transportation, health and legal.

At SWS, our supreme power is our work force. It is inspiring to perceive the mutual efforts and passions of our workforce put up with such great outcome in our industry. It is an exciting instance at SWS and we look further to the deeper impact we will have in our endeavors.

Harvest Data from Google Search Result
-As to be part of this work requirement we are expecting either list of keywords or industry name for which you wish us to extract information from Google search result. We can extract title, description and website url automated through scraper. If you wish to go through website and search out contact information with email id, we can accomplish but that need to do manually.

Harvest Information from Google Adwords
- We have expertise in extract transform and load; enough capable to manage ip blocking issue and prepare google adwords database for given particular keywords and locations. For retrieve information from google adwords you just need to provide search criteria and we will provide title description website url as result.

We are group of high level harvesting professionals to satisfy end user requirement. This is what the services from which we try to assist our precious clients; we always use to upgrade our tools, technology and techniques so if you have any such requirement just drop an email to us